Co-Design and Usability Projects

This page summarises the wide variety of smaller projects undertaken by SimVis in co-design and usability.

KTP with Loretto Care part of the Wheatley Group (March 2018-February 2020, funded by Innovate UK)

The aim of the KTP project is to develop the capability to transform elements of Loretto Care’s housing operations and customer services using innovative digital learning and monitoring tools.

This project will adopt a co-design methodology, where a design will be iteratively developed over 24 months with stakeholders (managers, workers, clients) in order to deliver a fully functional simulation deployed and running on the Loretto Care and wider Wheatley Group networks. This simulation will be designed and developed in collaboration with a representative sample of stakeholders. To inform the design, research will be conducted on stakeholders’ everyday routines. Additionally, user testing will be conducted iteratively throughout the whole design and development process in order to ensure that the proposed technological development matches the expectation of the stakeholders. Finally, in year 2, there will be a staged process for deployment, large scale testing and final release onto the Wheatley Group network. This will provide an opportunity for a longitudinal impact study on economic benefits, wellbeing benefits and workplace benefits of the co-design process and engagement with the platform.

This collaboration will also provide MSc student dissertation project opportunities for students at SimVis as well as project opportunities for students on SimVis’ new undergraduate degree programmes in Immersive Systems Design and Sound for the Moving Image which are due to start in September 2018.

ISO Design and V&A Dundee User Experience Testing Project (October 2017-April 2018, research innovation voucher from Scottish Funding Council).

The aim of this collaboration between ISO Design and the School of Simulation and Visualisation at The Glasgow School of Art is to employ a user centred design approach to the development and evaluation of large scale interactive displays that ISO design have been commissioned to design for the V & A in Dundee.

BBC Alba LearnGaelic Project (April 2018 to December 2018 funded by BBC Alba)

 The aim of this project is to begin to develop a methodological framework for the design and evaluation of digital learning tools for Gaelic language learners using a co-design approach.

This participatory design approach will allow us to determine the content, layout and interaction styles participants would like to see included in the development of effective and efficient Gaelic language learning resources for users.

 Glasgow City Council Digital Learning Group Project January 2017-December 2017)

This project which aims to engage with school children and teachers in the City of Glasgow to develop, through a co-design process, a range of digital learning content for the pupils to use as part of their own learning experiences with a focus on the European Athletics Championships which will be held in Glasgow and Berlin in 2018.

In addition, as part of this project, students from the Sound for Moving Image MDes programme produced videos that were used by the marketing team to recruit volunteer helpers for the games. They were also involved in producing 360° videos that were used to promote the sporting events taking place in Glasgow as part of the games.