• Abbott, DaisyJeffrey, StuartGouseti, AnastasiaBurden, Kevin and Maxwell, Mhairi (2017) Development of cross-curricular key skills using a 3D immersive learning environment in schools. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 725. pp. 60-74. ISSN 1865-0929
  • Gouseti, Anastasia, Abbott, DaisyJeffrey, StuartBurden, Kevin and Maxwell, Mhairi (forthcoming): Teaching and learning with the use of virtual 3D models: the case of the 1938 British Empire Exhibition

Conferences and Workshops


3D model of the Empire Exhibition

Download the VSim version of the 3D model of the Empire Exhibition here: BEE_1938_Final.vsim This is derived from the original model but has been optimised and some elements (e.g. trees and flags) removed to achieve the lowest possible filesize.

VSim software

VSim is software designed to facilitate use of academically generated three-dimensional models in both formal and informal educational settings. The software and user documentation can be downloaded from

REVISIT tutorial

The REVISIT project produced a short tutorial to familiarise users with VSim and the British Empire Exhibition. The tutorial and associated files are below.

REVISIT VSim Narratives

Selected narratives created by pupils

These narratives were created by pupils at the three case-study schools. They have been edited to preserve anonymity where necessary. Some have also been edited to point to embedded resources that are available through this website. This means that you will need a network connection for them to work properly but you will not need to download all the related resources. The narratives are otherwise unedited.

Secondary school, near Hull: These narratives and related materials were produced as part of a 3 day ‘creativity challenge’.

Secondary school, Glasgow: These narratives and related materials were produced during two workshops as part of a lunchtime club. Children were 14 and 15 years old. (Preview video shown on the right, click to download full size).

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