Masters Funding Update (UK & EU)

The funding streams for Postgraduate study have changed significantly in recent years – and are still changing. For the coming year we still have a limited number of fee-waivers for study on our programmes, but for most students some form of scholarship or loan may be required.

Information on GSA scholarships wont be available until April, but we do have information on a range of loans currently available. With funding in the UK handled by different bodies according to where you live, this can be quite complicated. But lets try and sort this out…


Erasmus+ covers the EU countries and Turkey, and supports students studying outside of their home country. So, everyone except UK students for study at SimVis!

More information from the EU here and apply through Future Finance here.

Postgraduate Loans (Scotland)

Postgraduate loans are offered through the government student funding body SAAS. The current scheme has only recently launched, and is quite hard to find out about on the SAAS website itself. Some good information is available on Prospects, here. The application form can be found here.

You should be able to apply for these loans if you are resident in Scotland or the EU (but not other parts of the UK!). Separate loans are available for tuition fees and for living costs.

Postgraduate Loans (England)

If you live in England, then you would apply there for a Postgraduate Loan. There is some detailed information at The Student Room, here.

More information and the application forms are here.

Postgraduate Loans (Northern Ireland)

Students resident in Northern Ireland can get a loan to towards the cost of fees for study in Scotland. Again, more information available at Prospects.

Postgraduate Loans (Wales)

A more complex situation, as the Welsh Assembly is in the process of approving their loans system. This is unlikely to be formalised until Spring, as legislation needs to be approved by the Assembly (see report here).

This looks certain to be approved, however, so funding should certainly be available for all courses starting 1st August or later. As our programmes all start in September, this should hopefully reassure anyone worried about funding.

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