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Tech Meetups and Events in Glasgow

I was putting together a list of lists of tech meetups and events in Glasgow for DDS students… and thought I’d share it here instead.

There are a wide range of meetup and events occurring in and around Glasgow on a wide range of topics – many of which are relevant to topics studied at the DDS.

General Event Listings–glasgow/events/

Arts and Culture Event Listings

The List is Glasgow’s (and Edinburgh’s) original arts and culture magazine. Their listings are here:

Also see:–glasgow/film-and-media–events/–glasgow/music–events/–glasgow/arts–events/

Tech Events and Listings

Techmeetup is a regular meetup event. Most events have a web dev focus –

And general listings:–glasgow/science-and-tech–events/
The OpenTech Calendar listings tend to favour open source meetups and related –

Digital & Board Games Events and Listings

BertWednesdays is an informal pub meetup for people in (or interested in) game development –

The International Game Developers Association has an active Scottish chapter, which meets most months, rotating through Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow –

A group for people interested in creating board games –

A group for people interested in playing board games –

A group that organises digital game pub nights and events –


General –
Science Fiction –


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