Winning Gameplay – DDS at the Global Game Jam

A bunch of DDS staff and students took part in the recent Global Game Jam – an international weekend of mayhem as developers around the world get together to try to make a game in under 48 hours.

The local game jam was hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University, under the leadership of our good friend Brian MacDonald. DDS staff and students formed two teams and produced two games over the weekend – Curvish by Serious Games & VR students Alex, Alim & Calum, and Cherry Bakewell’s House of Delight by staff (Daniel, Sandy, Victor) and students Jen, Sophie, Rebecca, Roxie – plus Alison who snuck in to help out, and Victoria from UWS. Great fun was had, cake was eaten, and two playable games were made.

Cake was eaten
Cake was eaten

Both games were inspired by the Game Jam theme of ‘Ritual’ – in Curvish this is manifested through the need to collect items in a specific predetermined order in a rotating platformer game.

For Cherry Bakewell, the group started with two different ideas of ritual – obsessive cleaning and Satanic rituals – and smashed these ideas together to create a game where the player is the new housekeeper for Cherry Bakewell. Cherry is the nation’s favourite baker, a household perfectionist and secret Satanist. Somewhat over-designed, this idea was based around a series of minigames that start out with cleaning Cherry’s bathroom, and which gradually take on darker themes.

Alex and Alim from Curvish
Alex and Alim working hard

Congratulations are in order to the Curvish team – who through playtesting at the event won the game jammers vote for game with best gameplay. This was followed up with being picked as best game at the follow on IGDA Play Parties in both Edinburgh and Glasgow – well done guys!

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