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Hot off the press: Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine

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An article about the MSc in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy has just been published in the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, written by a former student (Lauren Clunie) along with the programme leaders from GSA (Daniel Livingstone) and Glasgow University (Paul Rea).

This is testament to the innovative partnership between the Laboratory of Human Anatomy, University of Glasgow and the Digital Design Studio, The Glasgow School of Art. This collaboration began with research into creating a highly detailed and accurate 3D visualisation of the head and neck (and soon the whole human body). Over the past few years, many of the students on the MSc course have published their Masters work at international conferences and in journals – testament to the programme and the close collaboration between two leading institutions.

The 3D Head and Neck Model
Part of the 3D Definitive Human

Note: The Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine is the journal of the Institute of Medical Illustrators. The MSc is accredited by the IMI.

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