Anterlateral ligament

Visualisation of the Anterolateral Ligament

While most people might assume that the human body has been definitively mapped and modeled for many years by now, this is most certainly not the case. A great example of this is the anterolateral ligament (ALL), one of the ligaments of the knee, which despite being described by French surgeon Segond in 1879 has since been known by many names with no clear definition until very recently (work of Claes, et al. 2013).

On Thursday of this week, recent MSc Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy student Craig Humphreys will be presenting his MSc work on visualising the ALL at the winter meeting of the British Association of Clinical Anatomists.

The implications of work like this can be significant – consider that most working physiotherapists will not have been taught about the ALL, and its effects on the normal movement of the knee. 3D visualisations can provide a useful training tool, not just for students but to help practitioners keep up to date with the latest findings and research explained in a highly applied and practical manner.

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