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CyArk is an international non-profit organization which is aiming to create a free, 3D online library of the world’s cultural heritage sites before they are lost to natural disasters, destroyed by human aggression or ravaged by the passage of time.

The DDS, along with Historic Scotland through the CDDV partnership has been contributing to CyArk through The Scottish Ten project – digitising heritage sites here in Scotland and internationally.

This week, with help from Microsoft, CyArk relaunched their website with fantastic interactive views of many of the world heritage sites already digitised. The new site looks fantastic, and being able to browse many of the heritage sites in 3D right in the web-browser is a very nice touch. Also fantastic that all three projects featured on the home page are from The Scottish Ten – Mount Rushmore, Rani Ki Vav and the Sydney Opera House.

Browsing the projects, you’ll also find other Scottish Ten sites – Scottish sites including Stirling Castle, St. Kilda, neolithic Orkney. and a further international site – The Eastern Qing tombs in China.

Eastern Qing Tombs
Eastern Qing Tombs, China. Captured and modelled by CDDV (Historic Scotland and DDS, The Glasgow School of Art)

Go, browse, enjoy!

(And if you like this kind of thing… details on our International Heritage Visualisation course can be found here)

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