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Welcome to the new blog for the Digital Design Studio at The Glasgow School of Art.

You can also find us on Facebook,  Twitter, and of course on The Glasgow School of Art’s pages, here.

It might take a day or two to get this blog up and running fully, but once we’ve done that there should be new stories appearing here regularly.

3 thoughts on “The DDS blog is here…”

  1. Good Afternoon Paul,
    I am sorry that I have been unable to thank you before now.
    It was very good of you to send both parts of the ‘Sound’ picture.
    My son,the Vicar, is delighted with this picture of the WW1 and particularly appreciative of the fact that you responded so quickly.
    Thank you most sincerely, from us both.
    Best wishes,

  2. I enjoyed the programme and found it to have been produced and edited in a very sound, sensitive manner. Everyone that I know who has seen it commented in similar vein. It was good to have been involved and it would be interesting to have the chance of a future project link up. I very much hope that can happen because you are a special and talented man to work with. Your expertise brought so much to that programme.

    With very best wishes,


  3. It was incredibly moving to hear the track and to see the impact it had on the descendants of the Pipers who featured in the piece. I am so pleased that Paul has allowed us to us the track as part of the play, ‘War, Women and Song’.

    At present the show has the following outings;
    Saturday 5th July at 2pm: RADA festival. A showing of work in progress followed by discussion.
    Saturday 30th August: British Library, London. Performance as part of the conference Music of the First World War
    Sunday 31st August – Tuesday 2nd September: Redgrave Theatre Bristol. Performances to the public

    We are hoping that the play will tour to heritage sites, studio theatres and community centres in 2015 and these events above are all part of the process of developing the piece.

    I want both actors and audiences at this workshop to understand why the music that was provided by the young women of the Lena Ashwell YMCA Concert Parties was such a contrast to the cacophony of trench warfare and was considered so highly by those treating shell shock at the time.

    Sound is the most powerful tool in the dramatic toolkit and Paul’s track is so very moving. I hope that it will enable people to bring the past into their own present by triggering their imaginations.

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